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Electric Motion Spare Parts

We stock a huge variety of Electric Motion spare parts for trial/free ride electric motorcycles. We have everything from replacement essential parts to decals and body work. These parts are not currently available for online purchase, but can be ordered by contacting us directly. Browse the products list below and use the contact form at the bottom of this page to order your Electric Motion Spare Parts.

Plastics, Decals & Body Work Products ​
Rear Fender Epure/Escape $127
Rear Fender decal Epure/Escape $98
Rear Fender EM 14-19 $127
black Front Fender EM all models $84
black Seat Base Epure/Escape $191
Seat Base Undertray Epure/Escape $131
Top Cover Epure$107
Top Cover Escape $209
Epure to Escape seat complete kit $1140 - above kit is seat frame, seat, cover, Escape R/fender
Seat for Escape $310
Complete Decal kit for all models EM $304
Shark Fin for rear sprocket $15
Silent Block Epure/Escape $52
Chain Tensioner block $22

Electronic Handlebar Products ​
Throttle Assembly 2014 to 2022 EM $180
Foam Battery Indicator Epure/Escape $115
PRB 'R' complete assembly $414
PRB complete lever assembly $486
PRB sensor harness only $134
Lanyard magnet switch $112
Map switch Epure/Escape 20-21 $82
Map switch Epure/Escape 22 $141
LED map indicator Epure/Escape 20-21 $98

Electric and Miscellaneous Parts ​
Battery charger unit for all models EM $630
Rear Brake Pedal all models EM $145
Rear Brake Pedal special bush and bolt $32
Master Cylinders for all brake/ clutch systems $218
Front Sprocket all models EM $65
-- Epure Race/Escape R- 11T only
-- Epure/Escape 10T, 11T
Rear Sprocket all models EM $275
OEM standard is 57T optional 49T, 59T
Chain DID OEM 428 pitch all models EM $120
Brake/ Clutch Braktech levers only all models $60
Brake Pads all models OEM Galfer $58
Replacement Belt for standard transmission-
-- /21- $195
-- /23- $225
Footrests Black Steel all models $140
Handlebar EM std bend all models Silver $136
EM genuine hand guards $140
Wheel Bearings- 6004 st/steel $15 each
Suspension Bearings- for dog bones $12 each

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