Used & Demo Bikes

The bikes below are either Demo bikes used by dealers to demonstrate the new models, or used bikes in stock at our dealers coming from trade ins or in consigment.

2023 Epure Comp Factory Ex Gael - $14,500 - WA

EM Epure 2023 Comp Factory specially brought in for Gael Chatagno to ride the Australian Nationals.
The maps on this bike have been made especially for Gael and are not present on any other bike outside France. The bike has a lot more power than any other EM.
Clutch was modified to Gael's liking and it's a lot more responsive than the usual COMPs. We have just replaced the clutch disks with the XIU RDI Pro pack, which improves it even further.
Battery was delivered separate to the bike in June 2023 so it's less than a year old.
Very unique and special bike.

MAX PINTO - 0458 439 821

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