EM History

Electric Motion was founded in 2010, the first years were dedicated to many things not directly related to the world of electric (a few contracts to be honored with major manufacturers in the “thermal” world), our adventure was launched, at a time when the “electric” bet was…daring.

Since then EM has sold thousands of bikes all over the world with more than 160 sold in Australia alone. But lets see how it all started...

In 2012, the EM5.7 was launched, the first electric trials bike available on the market, the bike was well suited for clubmen and immediately showed the potential of electric motorcycles.

Two years after the release of their first competition bike, Electric Motion secured top-step in the French Trials Championship.

In 2016, after finding national and international success in trials, EM launched their first publicly available electric trails motorcycle – the EM Escape. The EM Escape was designed for riders who want to get away from busy city life and enjoy the great outdoors.

2020 the year of Epure

After 1500 5.7 produced and exported in more than twenty countries, it was time for a new model.

The first electric motorcycle with a diaphragm clutch is born, and changed the world of trials forever.

It's the bike that will bring Gael Chatagno to win EVERY SINGLE ROUND of the 2020 French Trials Championship and a tie to the FIM Trial-E World Rounds with trials royalty Albert Cabestany, only to lose on a tie-break.

But EM and Gael weren't satisfied


Gael Chatagno gave himself an early present when three days before his 25th birthday he piloted his Electric Motion to the 2021 Hertz FIM Trial World Championship Trial-E title on home ground at Cahors in France.

Competing against the best in the world

2022 Trial2 and SSDT

In 2022 EM goes again on the world stage taking on two massive challenges: compete against petrol bikes in the FIM Trial2 World Championship and in the Scottish Six Days Trial.

EM’s goal was to get into the top 20. Gael finished in 19th place and won the “top 50” award, for your information, Matthew finished in the first third of the classification. Gael won: the award as the first non-Englishman, therefore for the best Frenchman on the event the first award in the “up to 200cm3” category; the 3rd ranking of the best “new comer”

EM and Gael have truly demonstrated the true potential of the Epure and will continue developing the bike to improve even further.

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