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2024 Epure RACE - EOFY SPECIAL PRICE $15,700

The 2024 Epure Race is the proof that an electric motorbike is as good as a combustion one today. With its diaphragm clutch, power, acceleration, traction and lightness, this bike has all the features expert riders would expect.

More dynamic with its new Reiger 2-way shock absorber, and Tech Aluminium Forks, the Epure Race 2024 gains in traction and precision.

The 2024 model offers a major innovation with the appearance of EM Connect to customise the bike to a fine degree, and completely transform the bike from your phone.

Whether you are a clubman, an intermediate or an expert the Epure will adapt as your riding style develops.

RRP $17,300  - OUT OF STOCK


Three maps to suit everyone

On of their newest innovations, Electric Motion motorcycles have simplified the bike's cockpit with a three mode control switch on the left side of the handlebars.

The switch block allows selection of the 3 x riding maps.

In 2024 the switch has been redesigned to +/- buttons that will change the maps with the same functioning logic as a gearbox, making it easier to switch through maps while riding and avoiding cycling back to the lowest power mode.

The maps and the tickover have been optimised on the 2024 models to suit the redesigned internal gearing with lower gear ratio, and different flywheel.

Green= reduced performance, smoother throttle response 60% of total power
Blue= full performance with more gradual throttle response 80% of total power
Red= full performance with quicker throttle response and 100% of total power

The grey button works to engage the fixed regeneration and the Anti- Reverse.

All the parameters mentioned above can be customised through the use of EM Connect.

An emergency cut-off lanyard completes the left hand controls.

New Dashboard

Live a new experience with a latest generation TFT screen at the center of your handlebar.

Find all the necessary information on your screen. RPM, speed, remaining battery range, TKO start, map selection, all important information are directly visible on your new generation screen.

The new screen benefits from the TFT technology offering a comfort of use and very high quality.

EM Connect

EM Connect is the new app that lets you run diagnostics, locking and unlocking of the bike, and customise in detail the bike settings and maps.

Watch the video and learn how to easily customise:
- Throttle dead zone
- Throttle throw
- Amount of regeneration
- Reactivity
- Power
- Speed
- Tickover revs
- Tickover torque.

New Internal Transmission

The transmission ratio has been redesigned for 2024 bikes, with the result of improved control at low revs as well as more torque.

The new overall ratio allows the use of 10T/53T sprockets, allowing weight reduction, improvement of the chain effect which is beneficial to the rear suspension performance.

The 53T Sprocket is also less prone to impact on rocks.


Electric Motion models feature our Anti-Reverse system.

Anti-Reverse keeps the bike from rolling away in the event that the the rider fails a steep ascent.

At speeds from 0 to 3mph, the rider can instantly lock the back wheel by pushing the grey FRB button.

TKO Function

Straight from the racing department, the Epure Race is equipped with TKO, a major innovation for the rider.

With a simple flick of the switch, the rider can enable Tick Over, which enables an “idle” mode that turns the motor at a constant, sustained RPM without the throttle being turned.

With TKO mode enabled, the bike gains additional precision in acceleration and traction, allowing the rider better control of the power at low revs.

A major innovation in the 2024 bike is that TKO now is fully customisable through the use of EM Connect, allowing the rider to set the revs as well as the torque amount of the tickover, with different settings selectable for each map.


An optional PRB “R” lever is available on the Epure Race that allows for the integration of EM’s Progressive Regenerative Braking system with the hydraulic clutch.

With the optional "PRB “R” installed, a small ergonomic lever mounts to the clutch master cylinder just above the clutch lever.

When the lever is pulled, it offers the performance of a progressive motor brake and regenerates the batter. With a feel very similar to a handlebar-mounted rear brake, the farther the rider pulls the lever, the more the rear wheel slows down.

This brake system is very safe in extreme conditions, providing braking that is precise and controlled. The PRB “R” lever does not interfere with the clutch lever action; the rider can use one or the other independently, or both at the same time.

Ready for competition

On the right hand side we have a Braktek front brake unit, coupled with a Domino throttle.

The Epure Race is equipped with Michelin X-11 tyres.

Nekken top-shelf handlebars are now standard.

Redesigned Plastics

The front fender and support have been improved through the use of an over-injected aluminium guard that allows an improved fork operation.

The rear fender has been improved making it more flexible and resistant to crashes.

The new design of the front disc guard allows weight reduction as well as better ventilation for the disc.

State of the art linkage

The linkage is a crucial element to improve rear-suspension performance and increase rear wheel grip in all situations.

Equipped with a Tech Racing Aluminum fork as well as a brand new REIGER rear shock absorber, this 2024 Epure Race model has the best equipment on the market. This pair of suspensions offers us a balanced and terribly playful motorcycle.

The industry-standard for reliability and function, the new TECH fork offers the Epure Race model enhanced front-end traction and increased performance. They are supple enough to glide over roots and rocky stream beds, yet they provide plenty of pop to unload over big obstacles and are able to soak up big drops.

The Reiger 2 Way Shock features adjustable rebound dampening and spring preload.

EM provides the Epure RACE with a high-end frame made of 15CDV6 steel tubes and micro fused pieces in 25CD4S. The frame itself weighs less than 5kg.

All conditions are there to live a breathtaking experience.

Diaphragm Clutch

Electric Motion was the first manufacturer to offer a fully-functioning Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch to the general public.

This setup is a revolutionary advancement for the electric drivetrain , allowing the rider to perfectly modulate the motor’s power, load the suspension for big obstacles, and expertly control the rear wheel traction.

The clutch can be adjusted in three levels of response to adapt the bike to the rider's needs.

In the 2024 bike, the engine flywheel is coupled with a set of different balancing weights allows several inertia settings.
The factory slave cylinder that debuted in 2023 is now improved and gives a lot more precision and a lot more power at the tip of your finger.

The new ratios of the thickness of the friction plates to the steel plates overall give a more powerful but progressive feeling of control actioning the clutch.

1.8 KWh Battery

The EM battery pack is more powerful than ever. Its latest generation BMS (Battery Management System) guarantees you the best performance in use but also in the long term. In addition to being efficient, the battery pack has been equipped with a brand new, more aesthetic case with a modern and stylish look. The battery pack is compact, lightweight and removable. Ask yourself which of you or your battery will run out of energy first…

The charger can be plugged into a standard 240v wall outlet, and the other end into the battery - it's as simple as charging your phone. With a 15A x 50.6V (approx 800w) charger included, your EM bike takes between 1-3 hours to charge a depleted battery. If you're looking to get back on the trails quicker, there's an optional upgrade to a 25A (approx 1300w) charger

Nestled next to the handlebar pad, the digital charge indicator displays your remaining power level so you will always know how much juice you have left. 

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