The Clubmen's Bike, now with a clutch

2024 Epure SPORT

The Epure SPORT is the perfect mix of performance and ease of use, and benefits from our latest technology.

The 2024 Epure Sport model is equipped with a diaphragm clutch, flywheel and TKO.

The Tech fork has a new high quality coating DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), for a better look, but also performance.

The bike now offers an ultra-competitive level of performance, while remaining accessible.

Don’t lose the grip and stay in control of your bike in all conditions…

RRP $14,700 - IN STOCK


Clutch revolution

The Epure Sport model is equipped with a diaphragm clutch with a hydraulic control, made for competition. Essential system for the high- level competitors, here is what will make them clear the highest obstacles, with a perfect control.

The bike also features a flywheel like the other models, so it can now me ridden 'on the clutch'.

The switch block allows selection of the 3 x riding maps:
Green= no Tickover, reduced performance, smoother throttle response 60% of total power
Blue= Tickover active and full performance with more gradual throttle response 80% of total power
Red= Tickover active and full performance with quicker throttle response and 100% of total power

The grey button works as Fixed Regenerative Brake while riding and Anti-Reverse.

The left lever activates the clutch like a traditional trials bike, the clutch master cylinder is Braktek.

An emergency cut-off lanyard completes the left hand controls.

State of the art components

On the right hand side we have a Braktek front brake unit, coupled with a Domino throttle.

Tires are Michelin X-11.

Built to last and to perform

The Epure sports front steel Tech Forks have a new Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating for improved performance.

At the rear we have a R16V rear shock, which gives fine control of the bike, ensure grip in all conditions and are built to last.

Initially developed for competition, EM chooses to provide its standard model with a high-end frame made of 15CDV6 steel tubes and micro fused pieces in 25CD4S. The frame itself weighs less than 5kg. All conditions are there to live a breathtaking experience.

The Epure Sport features the 2024 redesigned internal gearing that allow the use of a 10T front sprocket and a 53T rear sprocket, thus resulting in more control at low revs and more torque at the wheel.

1.8 KWh Battery

The EM battery pack is more powerful than ever. Its latest generation BMS (Battery Management System) guarantees you the best performance in use but also in the long term. In addition to being efficient, the battery pack has been equipped with a brand new, more aesthetic case with a modern and stylish look. The battery pack is compact, lightweight and removable. Ask yourself which of you or your battery will run out of energy first…

The 10A charger can be plugged into a standard 240v wall outlet, and the other end into the battery - it's as simple as charging your phone. With a 10A x 50.6V (approx 500w) charger included, your EM bike takes between 4 hours to charge a depleted battery. If you're looking to get back on the trails quicker, there's an optional upgrade to a 25A (approx 1300w) charger

Padded Battery Indicator

Nestled next to the handlebar pad, the digital charge indicator displays your remaining power level so you will always know how much juice you have left.

An upgrade kit to the new dashboard and EM Connect will be available for the Epure Sport later in 2023 

2024 EM Epure RRP $14,700 - Available October 2023

EM Connect

EM Connect can be added as optional to the Epure SPORT.

This will allow an unlimited degree of control on the bike.

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