Electric Motion 2022 Models

Here you will find information on the 2022 Electric Motion Escape and EPure electric motorcycles in Australia. 

The Electric Motion 2022 range are due to arrive April 2022. We have a number of demo bikes at the Australian Electric Motor Co. Dealership in Burleigh Heads available for test rides.

Electric Motion Escape and Escape R models will be road registered in Australia late 2022

The second shipment of 32 Electric Motion Motorcycles is expected in November 2022. We are currently taking expressions of interests and deposits for EM shipment arriving mid-April 2022 

How To Order An Electric Motion 2022 Model

You can secure your EM model by putting down a deposit of $500 to reserve. Prices are ex EV Moto workshop, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

All 2022 Models

Electric Motion Escape 2022 Logo.png

The touring model of the Electric Motion family. The 2022 EM Escape offers an even more powerful motorbike with more torque, a new reinforced transmission and even more premium advancements and finishing packages.

$15,800 Available Now

2.6 KWh 

Electric Motion EPure 2022 Model Logo.png

The Electric Motion EPure is built for free riders who's dream is to ride in trial or touring competitions with a silent motorcycle that requires almost no maintenance. The 2022 model comes with some extreme innovations. 

$14,300 Available Now

1.9 KWh 

Escape R-profil-droite (1).png

With ultra sophisticated equipment, lines and design, the Electric Motion Escape R is the master off road riding machine. The 2022 model goes even further with TKO (Tick Over) as standard, taking adventure to the extreme.

$17,800  All Models Reserved April 22 Shipment

2.6 KWh

Electric Motion EPure Race 2022 Model Logo

With its diaphragm clutch, power, acceleration, traction and lightness, this bike has everything that off road trial/free riders need. The EPure Race has no limits, only the limits of the rider.

$16,500 - All Models Reserved April 22 Shipment

1.9 KWh

Epure Race Profil droit (1).png

Electric Motion Riding Technology

Electric Motion have been advancing off-road riding technology for the last decade and have integrated some incredible features in to their 2022 range. 

Tick Over - TKO

With a constant RPM, the bike gains precision acceleration and traction. This is a true help to power control at low revs. Straight from the racing department, the Escape R and EPure Race are now with the TKO, a major innovation for riders. 


Progressive Regenerative Brake - PRB 'R'

EM offer the new PRB 'R' as an optional added extra. This small ergonomic lever firs on the 2022 Escape R or EPure Race model in a comfortable and practical way. This new brake system is very safe in extreme conditions, when baking needs to be precise and controlled. It offers the performance of a progressive motor brake and regenerates your electrical battery using kinetic energy conversion. 


Traction Control

Electric Motion offers Traction Control on all 2022 models. Never lost grip and keep control of your bike in all conditions. If you're a trial rider/free rider you understand the thrill extreme conditions throw at you, and the need for precision and control. EM traction control provides you the best possible traction to keep control in any circumstance.


3 Power Modes

On of their newest innovations, Electric Motion motorcycles have simplified the bike's cockpit with a three mode control switch on the left side of the handlebars. The button allows the rider to switch traction control on and off, and below it sits the maps button. The maps button connects to an LED at the centre display that corresponds with your map selection:

Green = Low Power 

Blue = Medium Power 

Red = High/Full Power 

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.52.00 pm.png

Charge Indicator

Nestled next to the handlebar pad, the digital charge indicator displays your remaining power level so you will always know how much juice you have left. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.50.13 pm.png

Easy Charging

Preparing your Electric Motion Motorcycle to ride is as simple as charging your battery. The charger can be plugged into a standard 120v wall outlet, and the other end into the battery - it's as simple as charging your phone. With a 15A charger included, your EM bike takes between 3-4 hours to charge a fully depleted battery. If you're looking to get back on the trails quicker, there's an optional upgrade to a 25A quick charger that will get you to a full charge in just over 2 hours.